Dr. Marco Colombo is pleased to meet you for nutrition or iridology (*) consultations every day. Iridology (*) consultation: appointment (*), contact us during opening hours.

Dr. Marco Colombo, pharmacist and galenic laboratory director in San Giuliano pharmacy, is also a member of Assiri (, the prestigious Italian Iridology Associatio

(*) We remind you that iridology is not a medical exam: it is not used as a replacement for medical diagnosis, in fact:

Referring to the iridology technic – which is considered a particular discipline of naturopathy by World Health Organization – the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Medicine Faculty in Verona, in agreement with Ospedale Policlinico di Borgo Roma (Verona), has recently carried out a forensic test which states that iridology is not a branch of official medicine. This forensic test is just one among other studies carried out by different Italian forensic experts. Both legal and medical authorities refuse to consider iridology as a branch of official medicine”.

Minisini Fabrizio, Pizzini Serena

Riflessologia fisiognomica del piede, 2009, Mir Edizioni, p. 6

Iridology is a useful approach for naturopaths to examine the customer from a merely holistic and energetical point of view.

Minisini Fabrizio, Pizzini Serena

Il rimedio dell’iride, 2009, Mir Edizioni, p. 19

What iridology can reveal (B Jensen):

Iridology can:

  • determine primary nutritional needs of the body
  • show inherent strength or weakness
  • indicate parts of the body which need special care
  • identify toxic accumulation levels
  • reveal hypoactive bowel
  • reveal hyperactive bowel
  • indicate high risk tissue areas in the body that may be leading to a disease
  • indicate poor assimilation of nutrients
  • reveal the elimination of toxins and catarrh
  • determine the effects of a polluted environment

Iridology cannot:

  • indicate blood pressure levels
  • identify what medication or drugs an individual is using or has used in the past
  • determine what surgical operations a person has had
  • identify diseases by name
  • tell if someone is on birth control pills
  • indicate whether an operation may be necessary
  • tell if hair is falling out or what may be causing hair loss
  • show whether hemorrhage exists in the body or where its location may be
  • determine how much, when and how the body has been damaged
  • determine the number of organs (at birth)

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About Us

Our family has been running the pharmacy since 1970. Our galenic laboratory has become a benchmark in the area, thanks to the phytotherapic and herbal compounds we prepare.


Dr. Marco Colombo is pleased to meet you for free nutrition or iridology (*) consultations every day.


Fully and modernly equipped galenic laboratory: capsules, syrups, natural creams and ointments

The History of the Pharmacy

San Giuliano pharmacy’s furnishings was part of one of the oldest pharmacy in Trieste, which was considered one of the most beautiful pharmacy in Italy.